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So recently we stumbled on a Facebook group called All Call Signs, it is a peer-to-peer communication app for Veterans and serving Military Personnel. Their chat service is manned by volunteers who have served in the forces and understand the stresses and struggles that come with daily life in and out of uniform. If life is getting you down and you need someone to speak to, Someone is listening.

They have a live chat facility on their website which can be found here

Setup by friends Daniel Arnold and Stephen James who both faced their own battle against PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Their goal is to use technology and the power of community to improve the mental health of servicemen, women & veterans. The hope is that this will manifest in a healthier, happier life for individuals suffering with mental health issues and will reduce the number of self-harm incidents and suicides in the military community. The RAP process is a technology-led attack against PTSD, depression & anxiety.

RAP – Reaction, Awareness and Prevention

Become a Listener

All Call Signs connects serving and veteran service personnel who need a chat, to normal people with a military background. If you have a smartphone with WhatsApp and a sympathetic ear, then you already have everything you need to start helping. WhatsApp enables User to User connection to talk about anything from bills to coping with civvie life.

They also use AI powered technology to push out details of those in need via Facebook called “Beacon

Beacon is a geolocation platform for organising ground teams when a vulnerable veteran or serving service member goes missing. When a beacon is launched, we’ll find everyone in a radius of the active site who can assist in a search effort know where to be and what to do. This can include letting ACS (All Call Signs) members know where to search, setting up a point of contact and ensuring that all search and rescue information is being dispersed.

Whats Next

In 2019 they want to grow Beacon to 10,000 users. This will likely give them a footprint of around 20 million+ ‘eyes on’ when a veteran or service person goes missing. They already have over 11K followers on social media.

You can visit their site here

Visit their Facebook page here

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