1. Airy Fairy.Probably started in the Wardroom.The Airy(RN aviators)as opposed to General Service officers is self explanatory.Fairy refers to the Fairy Avaiation Co. that built aircraft solely for the RN.Thus Pussers aviators (Airys) would be flying their Fairys.Todays FAA people who call themselves Airy Fairy are keeping alive the once great Fairy Avaiation Company

  2. WAFU.On the Russian Run crates came aboard marked WAFU.This contained wonderful anti static foul weather clothing.The initials stood for Weapons and Fuel Users The gear was ideal for the close anti aircraft gun crews but far to bulky for use when servicing aircraft.FAA crews swapped their issued clothing with seamen in exchange for tots.Really the General Service lads should be called WAFU as they were the main gainers of this gear,and not theFAA

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