HMS Sheffield 4th May 1982

At approximately 1000 on 4 May, 1982 HMS SHEFFEILD was at defence watches, second degree readiness, as part of the British Task Force dispatched to the Falkland Islands during the Falklands War.

HMS SHEFFIELD (D80) had relieved her sister Coventry as the latter was having technical trouble with her Type 965 radar. HMS SHEFFIELD and HMS Coventry were chatting over UHF. Communications ceased until an unidentified message was heard flatly stating “Sheffield is hit”.

Today we remember:

Lt Cdr Balfour, D I
PO Briggs, D R, DSM
Catering Assist, Cope, D
WE Art 1, Eggington, A C
S/Lt Emly, R C
PO Cook Fagan, R
Cook, Goodall, N A
LM EngMech Knowles, A J
Laundryman, Lai, C K
Leading Cook, Marshall, T
PO Norman, A R
Cook, Osborne, D E
WE Art 1 Sullivan, K R F
Cook Swallow, A C
A/Chief Wpns Till, M
WE Mech2 Wallis, B J
L/Cook Wellstead, A K
Master-at-Arms Welsh B
Cook Williams, K J
Lt Cdr Woodhead, J S DSC



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