Long Distance Relationship Tips for Sailors!

Some top tips for those in a forces relationship:

  1. Set a schedule that suits your time zones. For long distance relationships it is very important to be aware of each others working schedule, then you will know when is best to make contact with each other and most likely to be able to catch up interrupted.
  2. Trust your partner. Trust is what keeps the relationship healthy and sustainable and is probably one of the most important factors to have if your relationship is going to work.
  3. Share the tiny details. You may have a monotonous routine but it is always worth sharing the little things with each other, like you would when you’re together
  4. Surprise each other with gifts. You may think this is impractical but if you have access to the internet most ideas are possible! you can’t beat getting a parcel from home either.Video Call. If you can, and your schedules allow, try to video call a few times. It is always great to see each other over video call and technology is more advanced now so it makes being apart easier.
  1. Regular Contact. It will be stressful at sea at times and even if you do not feel like making contact back home it is really important to make the effort to ensure you do not loose interest.
  2. Plan fun trip and events. It helps to plan exciting things to do when you return, it gives both of you something to look forward to and count down the days to when the fun begins.
  3. Don’t let stress show as anger. If you are having a hard time at work it will be very easy to snap and vent your anger at the wrong person. Give yourself some time to cool down and get in a better state of mind before you make the call home.

Good Luck!!


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