Real reason McDonald’s coke tastes so much better than the rest!

Have you ever thought why a McDonald’s coke just tastes better than all the rest? Well there is a reason why it is so much more satisfying than getting a coke from a regular shop…


Firstly, McDonald’s have their syrups delivered to them in stainless steel containers, rather than plastic bags, which keeps the liquid fresher. The coke you drink has no more syrup than the rest but they do look after it to preserve it better.

Secondly, like we’ve already stated, the chain do not add extra syrup but do consider the melting ice and dilution ratio for the drink. If you ask for the drink with no ice you will actually receive a slightly sweeter drink.

Thirdly, McDonald’s ensure your drink is served really really cold. This cold temperature hold the bubbles for longer which gives a more bubbly experience!

And a fourth reason is the straws provided are actually bigger than regular ones so all of the carbonated liquid hits your taste buds quicker. The water is also filters to a higher standard too.

So all of the reasons above are why you just can’t beat a McDonald’s coke!

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