Robert Ernest Tilburn, Royal Navy


Bob Tilburn was a survivor of HMS HOOD and was drafted to HMS VICTORY after the sinking. Bob served in HMS VICTORY until 1943.

Robert Ernest Tilburn was born in Leeds, England on February 3, 1921.

Bob Tilburn served in HMS IRON DUKE when she was a boys’ training ship. After training on HMS IRON DUKE he was drafted to HMS HOOD while at Gibraltar in 1938.

The early months of service in HMS HOOD were dominated by events during the Spanish Civil War. Later following the start of World War Two in September 1939, HMS HOOD returned to British waters and was based at Scapa Flow. In June 1940, HMS HOOD sailed back to the Mediterranean to take part in action at Oran.

Photo: Bob Tilburn and some WRENS aboard HMS VICTORY sometime between the sinking of HMS HOOD and 1943. Photo from HMS HOOD Association.

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Robert Ernest Tilburn, Royal Navy

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