Terms and Conditions

Shipmates Reunited  reserves the right to update these General Terms and Conditions from time to time. Please re-read them on occasion. All updates supersede any previous Terms and Conditions. Buyers and Sellers automatically accept the new updated version.


For each service you successfully sell and deliver, you will earn 90% of sales.

The buyer always pays for their ordered product(s) up front. Shipmates Reunited keeps the funds in our payment system until the seller request to withdraw their available funds.

Shipmates Reunited will only transfer funds to the Seller after the product is marked  complete. 

We encourage all parties to settle conflicts or disagreements between themselves. If this is not possible, you can contact Customer Service.

Order process

The seller is responsible for meeting their set conditions (delivery time, etc.) If conditions are not met, The buyer has the right to cancel and refuse the order. Both parties have the right to cancel an order. An order mutually canceled by both parties does not influence either of their ratings.

Multiple requests to cancel an order will be automatically be accepted after 48 hours. The Buyer has the right to cancel an active order if nothing has been delivered yet, by the seller.

Cancelling an active order will result in negative feedback. The Buyer becomes the owner of all intellectual and property rights for the task/product, only after approval of the task/product. Without the Buyer’s approval, all intellectual and property rights for the outcome of a task belong to the Seller.

Rules for adding a product.

Added products have to be exact and accurate. Otherwise, they will be deleted. Sellers must sell an exact service or product. If the offered service or product comes in different variations which mean different prices then the seller has to add more tasks for each version.

Tasks that contain contact information of any kind, whether in the description or pictures/video, will be deleted.

Shimates Reunited reserves the right to edit tasks for content or description, to enable their approval. e.g Deleting contact information, changing the category, spelling mistakes and offensive language.

All offensive and or discriminating products  will be automatically removed from the site.


The identity of the Buyer and Seller are visible to both shipmates reunited and parties involved in the purchase. For the protection of both parties, it is prohibited to write an email address, Skype, ICQ, IM handle, links to other websites or any other contact information in any messages, tasks, descriptions or videos.

All communication, including the transfer of data and documents, is to be done through shipmatesreunited.com

Posting or publishing of any illegal, improper, copyright protected, rude, abusive, promotional, spam, violent or contentious material is strictly prohibited, and will get your account blocked, forever. We have the final say and a Zero Tolerance policy will be strictly monitored.

Product delivery and communication

For downloadable products users are solely responsible for transferred data, anti-virus protection and malware. We are not responsible for any damage caused by using this web page and its contents, or damage caused by any data transfer.

Seller is obligated to deliver complete data for each ordered task. We are not held responsible for damaged goods upon delivery or missing items. This can be resolved through shipmatesreunited.com by communicating to the seller/buyer. Shipmatesreunited.com can also contact both parties for resolution.

You as a buyer have 3 days (72 hours) to respond, once your task is delivered. Otherwise, your order will be closed as delivered, automatically, by the system.

Withdrawing earnings for delivered services/products

To withdraw your earnings from Shipmatesreunited.com it is necessary for you to request a Withdrawal.

You also need to have a valid PayPal account. Money will only be transferred to users with fully filled out account information. We only send out money through PayPal or BACS. Please make sure your PayPal account is active and can receive payments. Earnings from delivered products/tasks are paid out via a quick withdraw process, you can contact us or review our “Vendor Welcome Pack” for more information.

Withdrawals will NOT be charged. We do take a 10% commission from all sales this if to keep our site up and running and cater for PayPal fees.


You can pay for your orders using PayPal or BACS through PayPal. Once the payment is confirmed, the order will be created and sent to the seller. Identity of both the seller and the buyer is visable which includes the address of the buyer in order for the seller to ship items, for your protection we never disclose of your address to any 3rd party.

In case of contact information exchange between the Buyer and Seller, We will not guarantee the terms of the task, the contents, results or the delivery date, etc. In which case, Shipmatesreunited.com is not responsible for any financial loss due to contact exchange during order fulfillment. It is prohibited to offer any alternate form of payment, other than that offered through shipmatesreunited.com 

It is forbidden to use direct payments through PayPal to pay the Seller. If you have been asked by the Buyer or the Seller for your account details, please contact us and let us know. This is for the protection of you.

Paying the Seller directly will get your account blocked permanently. In case of a dispute, please try to communicate directly with the Seller. If you see a product and contact the seller privately we are not held responsible for any loss, damage, theft or any payment related issues.

Product delivery

Some products require physical delivery or shipping (for example: hand made products, arts & crafts, collectibles, etc.) The Seller can add shipping costs and postage to the cost of the task, domestic or international.

Important notice

In case of physical delivery, the Seller will require the delivery address of the Buyer. The Seller is obliged to send out the product, packaged correctly, via a reliable shipping service (USPS, FED EX,UPS,DHL XDP, Parcel Force, Yodel  etc.) at the Buyer’s agreement and expense. Shipmatesreunited.com is not responsible for late deliveries or for any damages which may occur during shipping. We recommend insuring your parcels.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

Violation of these Terms and Conditions may result in your account being permanently blocked. If your account becomes blocked, you may withdraw your earnings and your account will be closed.

In case of a problem, feel free to contact Customer Service through the form on the Contact page.

In case of any dispute, we reserves the right to block either the Buyer’s or the Seller’s account, at its sole discretion, pending review. During this period, both parties are prohibited from using shipmatesreunited.com


We encourage all parties to settle conflicts or disagreements between themselves. If this is not possible, you can contact Customer Service.

Payments are refunded and credited to the Shipmatesreunited.com account of the Buyer by default, for future withdrawl.

If you would like a refund back to PayPal please specify in your account settings.


All products/tasks posted by Shipmatesreuniteda.com Buyers and Sellers, as well as pictures, video or any other materials used in a task ad (after their approval by Shipmatesreunited.com), become the property of Shipmatesreunited.com. Any copying is prohibited and will be prosecuted.


Disclaimer: Shipmatesreunited.com is a hub for buyers and sellers to meet. Shipmatesreunited.com cannot be held responsible for copyright issues or any disputes made about the product/task. By submitting any product/task, sellers take full responsibility and liability upon themselves to deal with the copyright claims or any other claims.
If there is an issue with someone stealing your original work, please Contact Support with necessary proof. We will remove the job in question immediately.