1. i own a book with loads of funny and horrific dits from the falklands, its not a story book, its filled with true life dits and horrific tales, may we never forget the lost souls, and may the living souls have peace, brave men, but thats war and what we signed up for, i had the privilage of serving with some ex falklands war lads, loads of respect and may your demons of war be laid to rest xx

  2. I was with 2 Para dug in on the high ground around San Carlos. I have admired the Navy since 1982. When there were air strikes we could at least jump into our “trenches” for cover. The lads on the ships had nowhere to run as we watched from our positions as the Argies continually attacked you. I salute you all.

    1. I think if you check the Falklanders want to stay British so Argentina walking in and saying The Falklands are now ours is hardly very peaceful or democratic. Hardly holding on to the the last shred of British imperialism ! If it had been any part of the UK we would certainly expect a response from our government.

      1. Totally agree West (?) I served down there aboard a Hospital ship HMS Hydra, lost 3 friends on Sheffield and Coventry. Mick Roberts I find that statement “Holding on to the last shred of imperialism” a total insult to all those who served down there. I remember on the news a lady in Port Stanley saying ” please someone help us PLEASE” !! Speaking to the islanders after the ceasefire they thanked us all for our service and the sacrifice that those that gave is something they NEVER forget.

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